Behind The Scenes: Katie Sanderson


I paid a visit to Dublin last month.

I hadn’t been meaning to - I had been feeling pretty unwell and tired after a long week at work, but I had left my car key in a hotel while visiting the city another time so I needed to retrieve that.

The timing of my trip turned out to be an amazing coincidence - Ruth Connolly, new to the team for Issue Four, was shooting chef Katie Sanderson at he Home in Dublin 8. So, having picked up my key I decided to tag along and watch Ruth at work and chat to Katie.  Rachel would be conducting an interview with Katie a few weeks later, so I thought I could answer any questions she had about the magazine. We had sent her a copy of Issue Three a few weeks earlier so I was keen to hear her thoughts too.

We turned up at Katie’s lovely home, not too far from the Fumbally where Katie does a lot of work.  Quickly welcomed inside, we were ushered through into the beautifully lit kitchen, lined with shelves full of amazing different foodstuffs and punctuated with house plants.  As we got set up to take photos Katie casually chopped some Kale for our lunch.

Katie was a natural, chatting away to me while Ruth snapped away. Ruí, Katie’s young son, even came down from a nap to join in the fun. Ruth is a wonderful photographer - her portraits really capture moments and bring out the life and energy of her subjects. She uses natural light so well.

Together we ate at the table in her kitchen, and chatted about Katie’s approach to cooking. We had the most lovely Miso Broth, full of fresh ingredients and seasoned perfectly - enough to make a few people at home in Belfast quite jealous!

As we talked, what struck me was the emphasis on community in Katie’s approach cooking -  and the vitality that food can bring - this is a person passionate about what they do, and why they do it. Katie talked us through her work for a production of Swan lake that she worked on. it was amazing to listen to her express how feeding the dancers with the right food manifested itself in the vitality of the dancers, and how it made Katie feel like a vital part of the production.

We can’t wait to share Katie’s passion for her projects and her approach with you in issue Four.