Issue Five: Update


Hello everyone, 

It’s only two weeks since we announced that we would be postponing the release of Issue Five: Migration as a result of Covid-19.  

Before that announcement, our team spoke at length about what we should do as the situation developed. Safety was naturally our first concern - for our friends, families and customers. We will continue, and encourage others, to follow the official advice on self-isolation. We also felt at odds releasing a product at a time when there seemed to be so many more important things to focus on. 

Our next thoughts were for the Turf & Grain community, our stockists and contributors - friends we work with whose work has dried up as a result of Covid-19. We felt that we should help them in whatever way we could. 

However, with growing uncertainty around the situation, we rightfully decided that it was best to prioritise safety and wait for a few weeks before discussing the decision again. In that time, we continued to brainstorm ways that we could best give back to our community and consider all our options for Turf & Grain’s release. 

While safety is no less of a concern today than it was two weeks ago - we feel that it is time to do what we can to help local businesses, provide work for those on our team and also to spread some positive stories at this time. Issue Five’s emphasis on togetherness, empathy and solidarity have all been sharply jolted into focus in the last few weeks.

To that end, we have decided to release Issue Five: Migration on Friday 10 April, and give 40% of the proceeds of all sales to the stockists that had placed orders of Issue Five before they were forced to close their doors. To keep it fair and honour their business with us, we will allocate the proceeds to our stockists based on the amount of issues they ordered. This means we will give back most to those that have invested most in us. This will hopefully provide some relief to all our amazing stockists in this challenging time.

If you would like to support Turf & Grain, and our amazing independent partners, you can buy a copy of Issue Five: Migration here

If you backed our Kickstarter last summer, your copy is already on the way. With the current government guidelines in place we will be doing a postal run once a week - When you receive your magazine in the post please wash your hands after opening the packaging as a precaution. If no longer becomes possible to post copies we will inform you through our social media channels.

I hope that each one of you is safe and well, and I can’t wait for you all to enjoy the very special issue we have produced.