Issue Four Progress


Issue Four: Women is progressing well - we should be going to print in the next few weeks. It’s really special and I think you will all really love it.

In the meantime - I thought that I would use this space to explain how we pick the themes for every issue - it is something I get asked quite a lot.

When thinking about themes - I always pick out things that people are discussing in public at home. It troubles me how issue - driven people are, led by whatever is currently in the news or on their twitter feed but not necessarily considering issues wholly or deeply.

Issue One was Youth focused on the opportunities and challenges around growing up in Ireland.

Issue Two: The Outdoors focused on growing and our respect for Ireland’s beautiful natural setting.  For being renowned as a ‘Green’ country, Northern Ireland isn’t Green environmentally at all.

Issue Three: Makers was born out of the conversations we have around consumerism, and I thought it would be cool to reflect the reality of being an entrepreneur in Ireland. We are so disconnected from where what we buy in shops comes from, so I wanted to bridge that gap in some way.

Issue Four: Women derived from the conversation around the 8th amendment in the Republic of Ireland. It was interesting how so much seemed to be at stake on this one issue, and made me think that we should have a look at trying to document what it meant to be a woman in Ireland in a wider sense, in this cultural moment.

I am male, so I knew instantly that I couldn’t answer that central question - what is it to be a woman, here in Ireland or anywhere. We needed to have female voices telling these stories, recounting their experiences and sharing their ideas. We needed a female team.

It has worked really well - unsurprisingly all the women that formed our team have created fantastic work, and I think we have really created the publication we set out to create. A publication that people can look at in 50 years and identify what it is like to presently be a woman in Ireland - in our cultural moment

Really hope you guys will enjoy it -you can purchase the magazine online or with one of our retailers - all independent retailers and well worth supporting.