Kickstarter is live!


Hi everyone - our Kickstarter is now live - please make your pledges here!

Through our Kickstarter we are aiming to raise £6,000 to regenerate Turf & Grain - as a community project - and it goes live on the 15th August at 9AM.We have a great range of bespoke rewards that we hope you will all love, as well as lots of detailed information about the project, which you can read on the Kickstarter page from the 15th!We want as many people as possible to visit our page and get involved with the project so we have the best chance of achieving our goal and continuing to partner with brilliant writers, photographers, poets and illustrators across Ireland. Kickstarter has a ‘Projects We Love’ page where they share some of the top projects on their site to give them an extra push of support. To get our Kickstarter shared on that page we have to raise 30% of our target within the first 48 hours!! If you are thinking of supporting the project it would be brilliant if we reach that point within the first two days to give Turf & Grain the best possible chance of success! We can only do this with the help of our community and we are ready to get started - thank you again for all your continued support of the project!