Patron Gifts


As many of you already know,we have a number of patrons/matrons that support our magazine. They help us pay for really essential things - such as contributor costs and running this website.

It's really amazing that people would give up even £1 of their salary every month to support us and it is really encouraging that people think what you're doing is kinda cool.

To say thanks to our Patrons that give £5+ a month we send them a copy of each Turf & Grain that is released and a gift. We thought long and hard about what kind of gift we wanted to give - we wanted it to be something made by someone in Ireland who cared about the same things we do - local stories and culture. Something that wasn't throwaway and that the recipient would enjoy.

based on those criteria, Michael Morris came into our minds pretty quickly - for those of you that don't know, Michael is a Chandler who works under the moniker The Beaded Candlemaker. We met up with Michael to discuss some ideas and were blown away by his interest in the link between scent and memory.

He has this great range of candles focused on the scents of Ireland. Irish Whiskey, The Burren and A Real Turf Fire are just some of them. As soon as we smelt the scent of A Real Turf Fire we knew it was the one. Not just because of the name but because of how the scent transported us back to memories of peat fires at home and in the pub.

We packaged them up in some candle-sized boxes and stamped them with our lovely stamp and recycled paper-tape designed by Kellyn Bowler. We wrapped them up inside the box with proofs from Issue Three.

Just a small token of our appreciation to our amazing patrons.

You can sign up to be a patron, or find out more info at our Patreon page - here