Pricing A Magazine


For Issue Four, we are increasing the price of issue Four to £10 (€12)

It’s come with a lot of thought, but ultimately it’s a decision I am comfortable with. We are really committed to paying all of our contributors the right way, and printing our paper on sustainable printing stock but ultimately we need to make enough money to break even so that we can come back again for Issue Five. Those are our principals and they come with real cost, but the output of that process is a bit special and is unique to Northern Ireland.

I put a lot of my own personal funds into Turf & Grain - the magazine is entirely funded privately by yours truly. I don’t take any money out of the business, every penny we make on sales goes straight back into the project. To pay for writers, photographers, illustrators, printing, the website.

We have considered advertising to help cover these costs but we want to do it right - It’s something that we are looking at but haven’t quite figured out - will post about that when we get there.

So it isn’t the case that I will be walking away with jingling pockets. What people are paying for is to propagate an environment where creatives can be rewarded fairly for their work - and when they are paid they can do more and more of that and help further the burgeoning creative scene here in Ireland. See my Blog post on Future Heritage for more of that.

We started off by pricing Issue One at £4 - because it was cheaply produced and I didn’t think anyone would read it. When they did we made a second issue with a much higher production value - priced at £6 to reflect this. The upward curve has continued with Issues Three and Four, in production value and in price for you, the customer. But I think the increase is fair - and the magazine remains value for money considering we are totally privately funded.

Just thought I’d give you guys an insight. Thanks for all your support with our project, it is really appreciated.