Issue Five - Postponed


Hello everyone, as many of you are aware, we were due to release Issue Five: Migration on Friday 28th March. A lot has changed in the few weeks, and many of our stockists have closed their doors to weather the storm of Covid-19.

Issue Five is ready, but we are postponing its release until we feel that it is safe to do so. Naturally our launch events in Belfast and Dublin have been postponed, we look forward to a time when we can all safely gather and celebrate Turf & Grain together as a community.Our first thoughts are about safety - for our friends and families and we will, and encourage others to, follow the official advice on self-isolation. Our next thoughts are for the Turf & Grain community, our stockists and contributors - friends we work with whose work has dried up as a result of Covid-19. We have been brainstorming ideas of how best to help - and for starters we have created a list of small businesses from around Ireland that you can support through ordering online. We urge you to do all that you responsibly can to protect those businesses and livelihoods that you love. The link can be found in our bio, and If you would like to be added to it, please send us a message.

When we feel that it is safe to do more to help local businesses - we will.

Stay Safe,